This is Us

Our story began in May of 2004 when a small town Wisconsin boy fell in love with a brash Jersey girl on the beaches of Florida. It was a classic case of opposites attract; fire and ice, oil and water.

Together, we created two beautiful children. Over the years, like any family, we’ve had our ups and downs. So we decided to make our opposites into compliments and become Saltwater and Seashells.

This is our virtual space for our busy yet fulfilling life.

As a family we strive to embark on a lifestyle that seems to have been forgotten in the modern daily grind of working parents; healthy garden grown food, work, tackling home improvement projects, work, and endless family fun.

Please follow us as we navigate through the world as a healthy, active, DIY family raising our children to never become “weekend warriors”.

“Our day is never complete, until there is beach sand caked upon our feet.”