From Billboards to Surfboard Bags

    Well, we finally had a decent swell here in Florida, I hope everyone got all their dings repaired during the seemingly endless summer flat spell.

    Yes, dings, as a surfer you either love then or hate them; well, mostly hate them. And depending on the severity they can keep you out of the water for extended periods of time. Getting one while surfing because you went for something big is like a badge of pride. But then there are those other dings.

    You know the ones I’m talking about.

    You rush home from a long day of work, knowing that the waves are pumping. You scramble to gather your gear to head to the beach only to slam your board into something because you’re excited, and rushing around not paying attention to what you are doing. Sure SunCure can be a temporary fix, but then you still need to fully seal it with cloth and resin.

    What if you could just prevent those minuscule dings from ever happening at all?

    Remember my favorite wallet? Well let me introduce you to my favorite surfboard bag.

    RAREFORM surfboard bags are a great way to protect your board from everyday dings. Every bag is recycled from billboard vinyl and has 1/4″ of foam padding to protect your board from everyday wear and tear. I have one bag for each of my boards and I store them in the bags all the time, ready to grab at a moment’s notice for an incoming swell.

    They also make a great stow-away for your boards at the beach when you want to spend time with your family. Living in Florida I would put my boards back into the car to prevent premature sun damage, but then you’re dealing with melted wax all over the upholstery! Now I just slip them back into the bags and leave them on the sand by our beach chairs. No sun damage and no melted wax!

    I used to be a big board sock user for every day use, but until I got my hands on one of these bags I will never go back! Not only are they unique, because every bag is cut from a different billboard advertisement, but they will pretty much stand up to anything. Sure other companies make board bags, but how many brands can say their outer shell has been fully tested in the weather elements?

    Simple, unique, and durable; protect your board by ordering one from the link below. And now for a limited time, all surfboard bags are selling for 50% off!!

    RAREFORM Surf Board Bags

    For any other non-discounted product use the code ANDY20 at checkout and 20% off your order!

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